ARC-tec is a research and design workshop whose primary objective is to utilize education and technology to further an understanding of the materials, processes and techniques employed by architects, artists and designers. We are analog and digital craftsman which necessitates studying how physical, cultural and social environments influence the evolving practice of architecture and the continual examination of methods used to construct the spaces we inhabit. Discovery, Education, Creation.

Living Structure: 33710

Dimensions (Inches): 96 x 96 x 96
Materials: Galvanized pipe, Kee-Klamps, painted plywood + v-rib panels

The idea of a living structure is grounded Ken Isaac’s concept of the microdorm in 1963. Life magazine published his first work in 1954. His book in 1974, How to Build Your Own Living Structure provided stimulus for a sustainable, adaptable and modular community.

This project is a laboratory for micro-architecture: As an ongoing process, the objective is to explore minimalist, cost effective and stimulating living spaces.

The current iteration is an 8-foot cube with shelter, activity areas and space for transportation storage. It is shaded from the east morning sun with baffles and from the west by trees. V-rib crimp panels keep out direct precipitation and modified solar landscape lights provide illumination at dusk.