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Faulkner Residence

The Story of an Architect, his Wife and their Mistress (a vintage Porsche racercar, relax!)

Architects are notorious. How do you design for yourself? We are trained to solve problems for clients. It’s a profession that allows us to wear many hats; that of a researcher, a psychologist, an analyst and mostly a creative force. Psychotherapists acknowledge that self reflection is one of the most difficult tasks.

A Collaboration…

The project is a new 1,800 square foot residence and 900 square foot detached garage for Marsha, Jason and their powder blue vintage Porsche. The main residence is a two story structure with living above and sleeping below. The detached garage includes a workshop for the car, a carport for covered parking and a design studio.

The site is a triangular plot of land with its northeast corner bordering a small community lake. The house is situated to provide views to the lake from the second story deck. The garage is located to the east of the main house and creates a gravel court between the structures.

Project Team: Jason Faulkner, Marsha Faulkner, Robert Blatter